Video Mash-ups: Billiam strikes again

I speak with customers about mash-ups or situational dashboards, an area of keen focus and lots of effort by our IBM team. Customers related readily to this notion largely due to our common experience with Google Maps where one can put together or mash-up the closest pizza parlor with our home address, for example. Accessing or mashing-up corporate data is another level or two or three of complexity given the associated security issues and numbers of backend data sources (spreadsheets, ERP systems, legacy systems etc).

According to the August 16 Wall Street Journal, pA4, at next month’s Democratic Presidential Forum, Yahoo will enable viewers to mash-up the video-taped answers by different candidates to the same questions. An interested voter will be able to observe in video format how candidates A and B responded to the same question at different times and in different locations. There is even talk of a series of Republican candidate forums, hosted by MySpace, which will be broadcast online where viewers will be able to submit questions via IM and vote on the response.

Real time democracy or will those vying for office retreat further to the scripted message?!