Social Media Adoption by the Enterprise

Monday, April 4th, 2011

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Certainly, an enterprise cannot turn on a dime, but it was six years ago that my then 15 year old son informed me that “email is for adults.” In my father’s Merrill Lynch office, now part of Bank of America, their advantage in the brokerage business was access to and adoption of technology. Now these sorts of outfits are among the last to adopt. Outlook and Notes are not the answers for the enterprise; will it be Facebook? Doubt this as well. If change does not occur in an orderly manner within the business, it will be induced from without.

I see this at the radio station, WXDU, where I am a volunteer DJ and have been for seven semesters. The new DJs are different this year. In my opinion, this is the first freshman class who was introduced to music via the iPod. Their music comes from others and is shared with others and is played on their own devices in any order and format that they want. It’s second nature. Who would listen to a seemingly random selection of someone else’s music, someone that you don’t know. And this attitude manifests itself in reliability at the station. DJs back-out or call in sick or don’t show due to an exam, not because they are not responsible people, I feel that it is because they cannot imagine that whatever audience is out there would really mind if they didn’t hear someone else’s music played at a particular hour. Ditto for information sharing at work. If they don’t get the tools and access to information that they think that they need, they’ll get it somewhere else and from somebody else and not even realize that there is a difference.

WXDU Playlist 30 May 2010

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

I’ve been doing shows for four semesters. This experience has become a sort of survey course in contemporary music, its origins and its styles or forms. I’ve expanded my own library and gained the confidence that just because a song may be new or even popular, it is not necessarily ‘good music.’ I prefer the Duke’s categorization that ‘there are only two kinds of music, good music and the other kind.’ My show on Sunday worked well especially for a 10am slot on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend.

xdu 3:30:10

Welcome to 2009

Thursday, January 8th, 2009

Over the holiday I qualified as a dj on WXDU by logging-in nearly 20 hours of on-air time. Most fun was working with Tessa on the New Year’s Eve show, 10 pm to midnight. She prepared a terrific selection of dance music from her days in New York. Techno never goes out of style, does it? We capped-off the year with two days in Washington, DC. We toured Capital Hill – the magnificent Library of Congress, the imposing Supreme Court and observed the swearing-in ceremony of Congressman Joe Sestak of Pennsylvania.

A brief visit to the Folger Shakespeare Library impressed me in two ways: 1) a current exhibit entitled Breaking New: Renaissance Journalism and the Birth of the Newspaper and 2) the use of mobile devices.

How chaotic was the use of the printing press once the common man got hold of it. A January 5th, 2009 Washington Post article by Philip Kennicott suggested that the early journalists are the direct ancestors of today’s bloggers. Uncanny are the similarities in the range of voice, chaotic content and public reception. Equally impressive in this exhibit was the capability to dial a local telephone number (202.595.1844) from my mobile phone and access a description of any one of the twenty elements (78# through 97#) of the Breaking News exhibit. For example, as I stood in front of a London newspaper from 1644, I typed 83# on my cell to receive a 60 second description of this exhibit case. No headsets for the Folger to manage; no need to provide iTunes compatible materials.

Returned home to read that Apple and four of the largest music distributors are doing-away with Digital Rights Management (DRM). When one buys a song, one owns the song. To think that ten years ago Apple didn’t even sell music and now they are in firm control of the industry. What example is this setting for other industries? How soon will the cable companies have to offer channels that we want and not make us buy them all as the music labels did so painfully for so long?!

Here’s me at the control board at WXDU. Comic relief that might even please a Shakespeare. gets a DJ on WXDU

Thursday, December 18th, 2008

I am interested in helping promote the wealth of science-related entities in our Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area, aka Research Triangle Park. has info about our efforts.

Our intent is to create a business model that does not depend upon hand-outs or grants from others to sustain this effort as such an approach only carves the pie into yet another piece. More in the future on what I’ve learned so far.

To show another side of science, I’ve qualified as a DJ on Duke University Radio, WXDU (88.7 fm). The only way to really hear it is on iTunes via the link on the station’s site. Hats off to Duke for permitting members of the community to be part of the station. I hope and plan in the spring to offer a program entitled, what else?!, Science in the Triangle where I will interview a member of the local scientific community about their work and their favorite & influential types of music.

Over the holidays, I’m on air:

12/24 noon to 2 ——— 12/25 8pm to 10
12/26 3pm to 6 ——— 12/27 7am to 9
12/29 7am to 9 ——– 12/30 7am to 9
12/31 10pm to 1201

1/2/09 3 to 4:30

If you have requests, please telephone 919-684-8870 or 919-684-8871 while I’m on air.

This is worse for my teenaged sons than my Facebook page.