Slings & Arrows: Web 2.0 advice from Canadian TV

Tuesday, February 17th, 2009

Enjoyed all 3 seasons of this spoof of the theatre. Cleverly done (typically Canadian) and highly entertaining. Available on Net Flix. One of my favorite exchanges over the new advertising campaign. Suits the confused spirit of the prevailing economic times. Maybe we’ll have a revival of the theatre. Set-up: Sanjay pitching RSJ on the proposed ad campaign for the theatre.
Richard Smith-Jones: OK, how would you advertise?
Sanjay: Richard, I don’t use that word.
Richard: Advertise?
Sanjay: Yes, that is not what we do here.
Richard: You don’t do advertising? 51fyrcyvbjl_sl500_aa240_
Sanjay: Richard, people are tired of ads in all their forms. They don’t believe anything we say and it doesn’t work. We at Frog Hammer ask ourselves very simple things. Is it wondrous? Does it move you? Is it culturally authentic? We believe that people are sick of being lied to. If you use truth, you can sell people anything. If you want people to react, to feel, to buy, tell them the truth! Truth is the new lie.
Richard: F#ck it. You’re hired.