Traveling Lax Season: 1st stop Charlotte

Saturday, June 11th, 2011

I qualified as a referee this spring and worked about 30 games mostly at the middle school level. Pursued this qualification even though I’ve never played lacrosse. My elder son played and his brother is enamored with the sport having made the varsity team in his freshman year. I observe that the game appeals to parents because of its speed and, especially, the governing principle that the game is to be stopped only if absolutely necessary meaning that we’re all back in our cars within 90 minutes. I particularly enjoy the game as I instruct the team captains prior to their games, “it’s a big boy sport which is why you are wearing helmets and pads; and no body gets hurt” – meaning that it’s a game of well-defined conduct.

Fastest growing game in America. Wall Street Journal article of 20 May 11