Say Hey! Say What? Never heard of Willie Mays!

Friday, November 21st, 2008

Dinner with younger colleagues at an Irish Pub in lower Manhattan. Uncovered common ground as high school baseball players, albeit several or even many years apart. I asked whom he considers the best baseball player that he had seen. Manney Ramirez had a great 09, he said. Best I’ve seen is Willie Mays. My comment received a blank, mildly uncomfortable look. ‘Don’t know much about the older generations, he said.’

OUCH. Reminded me of when my own father would talk about Bob Feller, the fireballer of his generation. To me Bob Feller may as well have pitched for Abner Doubleday’s team in Cooperstown, maybe during a Civil War truce.

At any rate, what a catch! Poor Vic Wertz.