High School Orientation: summer holiday ends. Oh My!

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

Read three daily newspapers on this Thursday. WSJ describes nearly unstoppable drug violence in Mexico; NYT reports that the STATE of New Jersey accused of pension fund fraud by federal government; and the local News & Observer outlines systematic mishandling of evidence by our State Bureau of Investigation.

I’d prefer to think about the highlight of the summer vacation which was our trip to Topsail Beach in North Carolina with four 14 year old boys: surfing, Monopoly, fishing from the pier, football on the beach, learning to throw a baseball, incessant snacking, Manhattans on the deck, dinners out, concluded with Casino Night amidst the downpour at 10 cents per matchstick. Youth is our best opportunity.


View from the Fishing Pier. Ours is the small, yellow house.