William H. Marsh 28th North Carolina Infantry Company A

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013

He fought at Gettysburg. Wounded, captured and paroled (eventually). Listed here.

Today is the 150th anniversary of Pickett’s Charge about which much continues to be written. Despite the valor of the defeated, better for the country was this victory of the Union’s forces. In large events, small incidents matter.

William survived the War; married several times; participated in Veteran’s parades in uniform through the early 1930s. He died peacefully on the North Carolina-Virginia border near Mount Airy and Galax.

Much could have and would have been different had that battle and that war turned towards different outcomes. July 4th is celebrated primarily and properly as the birth of the American nation. It gives me great pause when I consider that had William Marsh suffered a mortal wound in that bowl of pasture between Seminary and Cemetery Ridges on that afternoon of 3 July 1863 that the immediate heirs of his, including his granddaughter, her daughter (my wife) and our seventeen year old son, would not have come into this world and my life as I know them.


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