The Andy Griffith Parkway leads to Brown University

Monday, May 11th, 2009

Mothers Day on Reeve Drive in Mount Airy. Beautiful afternoon after the thunderstorms of Saturday. Sat awhile with Uncle Jimmy the bass player who owns the pest control business, a Viet Nam Medic. Spoke with Uncle Doug about the hazards as a driver for Fed Ex between North Carolina and Ohio, ‘careless drivers of 3,500 lb. automobiles should respect the laws of force & motion when they cut in front of 60,000 lb. tractor-trailers.’ Papa lives on his mother’s property across the driveway from Aunt Brenda who lives in her mother’s house. Drove around the corner to Chile’s for take-out dinner for the mothers Teresa, Sandra, Megan and Grandma. Spoke to the cousins who are teachers and now parents about the challenges and restrictions on being teachers. Aunt Brenda and Aunt Netty discovered a baby dove fallen from its nest 12 feet up in the sycamore tree. Mother dove visited routinely to feed this baby. Because of the cats, organized a 5 man working party to retrieve Papa’s ladder and we restored the baby dove to its nest. A fitting deed on Mothers Day. Shared gifts for the occasion and for Grandma’s birthday on the day before, nine books and a dvd series of British mystery. Cousin Jimmy vanished without a fuss and Uncle Doug departed to visit his mother’s grave site. Aunt Linda called as we packed up to go.

As we waved our goodbyes, Aunt Brenda reappeared to say that we missed Missy and that Chrisy would soon arrive. “Can’t stay and please tell Lori’s family “hi”.” Quickly asked about Chase who will soon graduate from the local high school. “Oh, Aunt Brenda said, he was really hoping for Columbia … even though Duke and Vassar offer him scholarships, he’s accepted the one from Brown. His mother was really hoping that he would accept the one from Duke.” What else could you expect?!

Nice people serious about their parking.