Starting from the Mobile Web: dare I say, Web 3.0?

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

Many, if not too many clients, are trying to figure-out how to justify the investment from Web 1.0, publishing, to Web 2.0, encouraging genuine participation. They are mired in too much data; not organized to maintain a discussion with their clients; and just don’t want to do it even though, through their younger friends and kids, know that this is the way of the near future.

I suggest that they start with the mobile device as is illustrated in this compelling and informative slide show. Figure out which data is the most useful to clients and send it to them, where they are and formatted for the mobile device. Not the cell phone. The telephony component doesn’t matter much and becomes even less compelling e.g. not my phone browses the web, but my mobile device – of varying sizes – can make phone calls. Think Tablet Computing as evidenced by the iPad more than the iPhone. Use the web site for static information and deeper searches. Leverage other sites. Above all, make available on the web site that content which the organization is willing to actively maintain.