The wonder of Partnership, the Web and Trust

Friday, March 8th, 2013

This video was produced by Blue Pane Studio meaning that we were trusted to find the copywriter, animator and videographer necessary for its development. The secret ingredients of this production, which helped RTI to tell the story of its invention and to win the Innovation Award at the 2013 Cardiovascular Research Technologies Annual Symposium, are Bill Cannon, Casey Herbert and John Stegall, all residing and working in our RTP neighborhood – actually, along the Durham to Chapel Hill axis.

This may sound like an Academy Award speech and it is hard to imagine how this could have been done even 10 years ago as we conceived and produced the script, the animation, the interview, the video within four weeks at a medium sized five figure budget. The ubiquitous access to technology; the ease of sharing and partnering; the comfort with which a large organization can work with a small, nearly virtual studio was unimaginable 10 years ago? Certainly, 20 years ago.

Now the video can be viewed at no-cost on You Tube and its availability promoted on web sites, via Twitter and even with traditional press releases.

As our high school aged child endures the gauntlet of university application, I see many signs which reveal how education and training will become more relevant or real; personal; and less expensive. We are returning education to the model of Aristotle and Alexander where those who know are in direct contact with those who need to know.