Social Networking: do I know you?

Thursday, September 4th, 2008

I publish a newsletter for my job that discusses trends in Internet technologies.  Yesterday, I received a harried sounding note from someone on this mailing list asking to be removed from distribution.  No problem, of course.  Who needs more unwanted email?!  The shock expressed in his note caused me to feel impolite: ‘What is this?  Why am I on this mailing list?  Take me off, please.”  Then I laughed out-loud because he seems to have forgotten that we spoke in a panel discussion together in the past Spring; that I treated him to drinks thereafter; and that he invited me to join his social network (of 1000s).  His role as a Linked-In employee must generate lots of unfamiliar mail from unremembered links.  There is still plenty of room for professional networks that work.  cp