MDs offer thoughts on cutting health care costs; NYT 27 March 2010

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

Well done by Lesley Alderman.

“But the new law does not tackle head-on the staggering cost of health care in the United States, which eats up $2.3 trillion a year, about 16.2 percent of our gross domestic product, according to the Department of Health and Human Services.

That raises the ultimate Patient Money question: How can the country reduce health care costs while not compromising quality?

During the health care debate, government officials, insurers, drug companies and medical associations all weighed in with their opinions. But what about the people who receive so much of our out-of-pocket health care payments: the doctors on the medical front lines? What do they think the country — in other words, you and me — should do to help moderate costs?”

Insure Catastrophes Only

Change Malpractice Law

Counsel Nutrition

Rely on Evidence…… But Allow for Expertise

Use ‘Integrative Medicine’

Pay to Treat Child Obesity

Stop Overtreating

Restore the Humanity

Full citation here:{915b2618a7c304f461205894c34b2284541042d3c677679407e2f30838792dcd}20aldeman&st=cse