Four letter word for Prepare

Saturday, November 8th, 2008

Today’s New York Times discussed the deserving election into the Pro Football Hall of Fame by New York Jet great, Joe Klecko. JK was elected to the Pro Bowl in three separate defensive positions and joined Joe Namath and Don Maynard in having his number, 73, retired – the only 3. He got mixed-up in a minor and embarrassing insurance scam which may have prevented earlier selection to the Hall. Joe Klecko was known for his toughness (twice the NCAA heavyweight boxing champ) and his commitment to his teammates.

I’m no longer the football fan that I was once; curiously, neither of my sons shows any interest in pro football. I cracked-up over JK’s comment when addressing a group of young football players recently in Canton, Ohio: “My favorite four-letter word,” he told them, is “prepare.”

Perhaps we should all remember this as we find the bottom and then dig our way and ways out of our economic pit.