Changing Paradigms…of all sorts

Monday, April 18th, 2011

Is it the subject matter or the animation talents that I find so provocative? And the message or lesson could be applied to many of our institutions including education, every form of customer engagement whether further developing a science park or striving to build a more intelligent planet.

In the current economic mess, there is much discussion about a revitalization of the manufacturing base as being essential to the security of the nation. Certainly, our educational system’s foundation is predicated on the training of such a factory workforce with its emphasis on the three Rs and standardized testing as a means of developing the individual. I agree with one of the Ken Robinson’s points that students today are bored by the pace and variety of the teaching curriculum. Given the plethora of learning aids on the web and the variety of social media and mobile devices, teachers and managers and organizational strategists have to perform more like coaches and mentors than founts of the final word.

At some point, we going to have to start over in the reconstruction of the educational system. Pouring good money, and nearly all of the money, to maintain a system that does not keep-up with the needs of its constituents will collapse under its own weight. Hesitant to say so and I feel that this is true of our political structure and health care system. These organizations no longer control the message. It is imperative that they find ways to reorganize with their constituents as the center of the decision process. After all, it’s a matter of education.

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