Education Square as presented on You Tube

Sunday, January 1st, 2012

So much is changing, so much needs to change and much has changed that has yet to recognized. Our social and organizational structures are inadequately prepared, i.e. funded and staffed, to either lead, get-ahead or even to keep-up. And many were designed this way – as maintainers of the flames of process and reliability. How will the Egyptians form a government when every one with a phone and a Twitter account is a broadcaster and potential opinion-shaper? Who would dare to run for office when every foible and blemish is hauled-up for inspection?! It will be interesting to observe how we will capture our once-treasured spirit of collective achievement? And I feel that the controlling barriers must continue to be removed despite the accompanying uncertainty. Everyone knowing is a good starting point.

We enroll our son in public education because we feel that this social environment will better prepare him for the world that he will encounter as an adult. Our decision was encouraged by the $20k per year tuitions of the local private schools, by the way. Happily, he is happy with the broad and disparate milieu of his high school. I share this video made by him and two other high school sophomores because I find it entertaining and well-executed. The quality of this work and the fun that they had producing this piece for class credit reminded me how difficult it has to be for teachers to truly challenge students. The tools at the simple disposal of these three boys exceeds those of their high school or perhaps even my own company. And their work shows it. I feel that schools will evolve from teaching (I/We Know) to environments where learning is shared and sharing is the process of learning. I think that this is guiding principle of the Kahn Academy.