Near Field Communication & Apple’s iOS 5

Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

Here is my assessment: the world awaits the iPhone 5 in fall and its rumored NFC capabilities. – a simple diagram of how NFC works with insight into application

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My sense is that the market is taking a ‘let’s see attitude’ sort of hoping and ready to panic if Apple’s new iPhone brings NFC to life. Google Wallet has not made much of a difference yet. Visa is likely to benefit and certainly is up to something. What will be the levels of simultaneous cooperation and competition remains to be seen. And we’re all
tired of too numerous passwords, loyalty cards, credit cards etc. This burden of ours fulfills Steve Jobs’s definition of innovation (paraphrased), ‘find the gap and provide the solution.’

At my end, I visited in late June the amazing Apple Store in Grand Central Station, on par with Covent Garden, to buy an extended battery for my iPhone. I used my Apple Store app to purchase this item by logging on to iTunes; photographed the item’s bar code; agreed to payment; walked-out with item. No sales assistant, no bag. Received email receipt before I was out of station. Impressive.