No Chance of It Happening, Right?!

Wednesday, December 19th, 2012

End of World 21.12.12 Preliminary Program
5am Welcome People of the World with bells and sirens
6am Arrival of Mayans
7am Arrival of Extraterrestrials
8am Arrival of the President of the G8 Countries
9am Arrival of Saints, Martyrs etc
10am Hymm of the End of the World: Highway to Hell & Adieu Mein Kleiner Gardeoffizier
1030 am Greetings from the Pope
1145 Apocalypse Brunch
1300 UNO General Assembly for the End of the World
1500 Moment of Silence
1505 Begin the Official Festival
1700 Buffet – Opening
1800 Departure of the Mayans
1900 Fireworks & Soccer Match: Brazil vs World All Stars
2100 Departure of Devils and Angels
2200 End of Ceremony – Open Bar with free beer
2330 Distribute free 3D glasses
2400 End of the World (including the Final Countdown)
After End of World.. Aftershow Party

Please note recommend songs: