Financial Bail-out plan and Tom Hanks

Monday, March 23rd, 2009

Market up nearly 500 today as Treasury announced program to purchase or guarantee the purchase by others of up to $1T in toxic assets. What a phrase for financial ignorance, carelessness and fraud. Reminds me of the late night info-mercials which imply that debt consolidation will somehow relieve the pain of debt. Brother! Brings to mind the 2000 movie, Castaway, which starred Tom Hanks. Hurrah! Survived the plane crash. Followed by the miracle of drifting in the huge ocean then colliding with a small island. Now that he’s on seemingly solid ground or ‘found bottom’ in the parlance of the stock market. What’s our future plan for sustaining ourselves absent fundamental tools (capital and relevant skills)?! This is the part that requires perseverance and resourcefulness. tom_hanks_cast_away_001Not all gloomy: YouTube reveals what was in the box that Tom ultimately delivered: satellite phone, seeds….