Obama, Ohio State, and the passing torch to class of 2008

Monday, January 14th, 2008

I feel that there is something to be learned from the recent bowl games and the primaries that may help us to capitalize on the marketplace’s current uncertainty.  More of the same, regardless of size, is not the formula for on-going success.  The victories of Obama in Iowa and LSU in the BCS Championship (no offense intended to anyone’s favorite team or presidential hopeful) were enabled by new ways of approaching familiar problems.  Speed, creativity, and, in Obama’s victory, the connection of disparate yet like-minded supporters carried the day.  There is reminiscing and writing about the pivotal year of 1968.  I observe that 2008 and beyond now belongs to a new generation of young leaders, ones who are comfortably entrenched in the interactions and capabilities enabled by our continuously evolving Internet. 

Perhaps we should look inside of our organizations to take advantage of their points of view about the use of Internet technologies to make our businesses faster, more creative, and better connected with our customer and partners.

Soon we’ll resume our conversations about mobility, social networking, and how to continue the push into Web 2.0 benefits.  Early in this year may be a useful time to combine the gray hairs with the fleet feet in preparation for competing at the next level.

Best for the new year, Christopher Perrien