National change index: cloudy this week

Friday, February 13th, 2009

My first sales VP at ITT Telecom (my first job in North Carolina) advised that ‘if you cannot hire people better than you, what is the future of the organization anyway?!’ Curious to me how organizations, large and small, seek change through stability, really consistency, and are often afraid of investing in change agents.

Bummed today that another good, promising, reliable young man is leaving us. He wants to be part of the solution and is advised how to behave in order not to be noticed in this economic environment. Incredible, isn’t it?

Maybe ‘stimulus’ is the wrong term for what we need. Should it be ‘fundamentals’?! When one is out of shape (60{915b2618a7c304f461205894c34b2284541042d3c677679407e2f30838792dcd} of Americans are either overweight or obese and now financially & economically so), one is best served by a regimen of diet, rest and exercise more than an artificial stimulus to get through the day.

Yesterday was the 200th birthdays of both Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin. What stimulated these two?

My formula for this Friday the 13th: care for your health, be polite, work hard.