Think Different about corporate architecture.

Thursday, June 9th, 2011

Link to Mac Observer page with related description.

At a near crisis point in real estate valuations and retail space vacancies- at least in my trips around our RTP- and at a time where companies induce employees to work from home to save costs (this too has a cost, mainly team-building more than productivity loss), Apple again defies the wisdom of the time by planning an elegant, expensive and confidence inspiring approach to corporate building design. The construction of this building will improve the neighborhood where Jobs and Apple grew up; strengthen the community of employees by bringing them all together in one location; and set a standard of business architectural statement akin to what Apple did to reshape the notion of a retail store (where one learns by engagement more than where one shops for boxes).

As well described by Simon Sinek’s book on leadership, Jobs and Apple are absolutely clear on Why this new headquarters building is required and the purpose that it will fulfill. Gifts of free community wi-fi not required.