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Summer is here, made me laugh

Thursday, May 31st, 2012

Have budget for an app! What does an app do?

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

Apps are fun but who really needs one?! I felt the same way about cell phones 10 years ago that promised web surfing.

App Top 10 List:

1. Apps deliver a singular or discreet bit of information to wherever you are when you need it. Apps are not mini web pages (closets for someplace to stick unused info).

2. Apps fall into 3 categories: a) entertainment (Angry Birds); b) information: mix a drink, find the room of a speaker at a conference; c) interaction with those data-rich, security-paranoid data bases. This is why bank apps are mainly lame.

3. Apps can be justified by cost-savings, i.e. fewer people, less paper and they seem to attract an compelling set of customers. Apps should be considered an increasingly important component of your communications and collaboration plan. Apps connect like-minded people. Take advantge of this.

4. A well designed and well supported and easy to upgrade cell phone app costs between $7,500 and $15,000. Adding tablet (iPad) adds $10,000 to this total. More may be needed. I would be suspicous of less.

5. Blue Pane Studio designed 40+ apps for Apple and Android devices. Believe it or not, it costs more to design for Android as they have so many types of phones and each one is just this much different.

6. You will not be overwhelmed by the number of devices to support. Sorry Microsoft, Nokia, RIM. Phones = Apple & Android. Tablets = iPad. I wish it were different; I believe in choice (more than either Chevy or Ford) but these are the facts, maam.

7. Apps perform better when designed for the device, native. The accounting department will like the sound of design once, run on any device, browser-based ‘mobile app’. However, the necessary bandwidth reliability will not be available for the rest of the decade (truth). So, design for Native. See Point 6 above.

8. First, get your learner’s permit.Content management is as important to the success of an app as it is to a web site. Plan for this and start small with the first app. Deliver something to the client or to the employees that is useful and easy to maintain.

9. Tablets will become compelling Education and Training tools due to the their high qualify video cameras, ease of recording and super ease of editing. All can be done right there on the tablet including e-mailing a specific snippet to someone. “here’s two minutes of Bob’s weather discussion. Share with team?” Tablets are more than readers.

10. In 1983, we could not imagine PCs being more useful than writing letters and collecting receipes (I was there for this conversation); we could not imagine inter-connectedness of PCs nor the great Internet. Tablets are more than readers. They will be control devices and collaboration stations of all sorts. It’s a good time to hop into the shallow end of the pool.

Whodathought that a silly video would accurately predict an outcome?!

Friday, May 4th, 2012

One becomes the most well capitalized company on the New York Stock Exchange in the early 21st century; the other becomes irrelevant in the personal computing business. One’s strategy is excellence in consumer product innovation; the other strives for success via cost-reduction.

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