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10 Billion and counting, but who are these people?!

Friday, February 26th, 2010

10B iTunes

Unhappily, or not, I’ve not downloaded even one of the all-time most popular. I guess that J. Geils finished 21st. But seriously, folks, there was even an iTunes store 10 years ago. I hope that cable providers are next.

iTunes top 20

Who Dat. Kicks and Mitch on Super Bowl Sunday

Monday, February 15th, 2010

Ya gotta compromise. So Hartley was suspended for four games at the start of the season for failing the NFL drug test. Only a Saint would be ensnared by such a lackluster program. And the new mayor, elected on Super Bowl Sunday, is the former lieutenant governor and the brother of the US senator and the son of the last – shall it be seen in print? – white mayor. Shades of Huey, Earl and Russell Long. But ya gotta start the real recovery somewhere.

I feel that Hartley’s field goals kept the Saints in the game until they realized that the Colts were never, ever going to take any chances. Indianapolis played as though the game was not on a timer (clock) and kept retreating to prevent the big play until they had no time for many little plays. Then the big play (interception) went against them. Two absolutes of sport: free throws matter at every level of basketball competition; and the moment that you play not to lose is the moment that you begin to lose. Trust yourself to win is my theme for today it seems. Back to the Super Bowl.

Several modest and timely contributions by Hartley, especially at the end of the first half when the Colts stopped the Saints on their own 1 yard line and then played ‘not to lose’ and lost the ball and Hartley booted a lengthy field goal. At one point the score was 17 -16 with the Colts up 2 TDs to 1 and the Saints up 3 field goals to 1. When you’re gambling, don’t be afraid of small earnings.

New Orleans needs Mitch to take some chances, maybe plenty of chances. Because time is running out for that glorious, decadent city (my hometown). The city is sinking, actually, and has sunk 12 feet since I left home in 1970. You can look it up a la Yogi. But it doesn’t have to go out without a fight or a statement or simply sink into oblivion. A couple of field goals, a surprise on-sides kick, take what they give you and then see how they deal with the pressure of the clock.

Trust yourself. Measure 2x, Cut 1x.

Monday, February 15th, 2010

I believe in the wholesomeness of the average person. What has happened to the institutions that we established for the more efficient good of us all?! Seattle Metro security police would not intervene to halt a subway attack by females against a female! The Roman Catholic Church’s child abuse scandal now reveals itself in Germany, 10 Feb NYT and the mighty Toyota failing prominently.

Earlier in my business career, I visited every sort of automotive plant worldwide, telling friends that “if you saw how Toyotas were made – hospital-like cleanliness and Japanese attention to detail (in their US plants)- you would only buy a Toyota for your car.” I contrasted this with my tour of a Detroit plant where the worker on duty in the assembly line control room read from a two foot high stack of men’s magazines on top of the console desk (circa 1987). Got to pass the time somehow.


I suppose that we’ll have to accept personal responsibility for our lives in every dimension of our lives, meaning that admitting that you’re lost is the first step to finding your way out or back or forward; I observe that we should make clear to ourselves what each of our lives means and what is the purpose of each of our associations. Not ‘why do I belong to the Rotary Club’, if anyone still does – and maybe we all should. For example, what does it mean to be a resident of Duke Forest or a taxpayer in Durham, North Carolina or a graduate of the Naval Academy and, certainly, a husband and father of two?

I believe in the wholesomeness of the average person. Presently, we’ve lost our way.

I use to be somebody, now I’m somebody else.

Saturday, February 13th, 2010

We’ve seen many films over the past two months. Maybe it’s our way of dealing with the economic times. Up In the Air impressed me as not quite sure if it wanted to be a comedy or a complex film. So, it tried to be alot of both and achieved neither. Meryl Streep was as terrific, as usual, in Julie & Julia, as she was incredibly wasted in It’s Complicated. After all, she can save a film such as The Devil Wears Prada. Avatar was spellbinding for what it suggests how films and videos may be presented (I think of the educational possibilities). Robert Downey was good, the latest Sherlock Holmes film not so good. We’re enjoying the Netflix rentals with Jeremy Brett. Up is not the best of the Pixar repertoire and the five minute pictorial of Elle’s life is among the more poignant and graceful that I’ve ever viewed on screen. The Road is not as sharp as the novel and such would be asking alot. The Book of Eli is entertaining and recommended as a double feature with Mad Max. My favorites of the season are Hurt Locker (is this really a movie as it seems to be filmed in action); Crazy Heart as I’ve always been partial to Jeff Bridges; and The Messenger. How is Ben Foster not an award nominee?!


Taken as a whole, these films seem to say that devotion & love is the path of righteousness; that this path is littered with disappointment before final failure.

What an email banking scam looks like

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

BofA Scam

Great storm of 2010 in Durham, North Carolina

Monday, February 1st, 2010


Not all bad, even fun, if one has power and the good old Internet. Owen made $60 shoveling driveways yesterday!