January 7th, 2010

Happy Y2K+10

Greetings friends and welcome to the new year
Begone 2009, 2010 I say you’re welcome here
Remember the panic of Y2K wondering if computers would no longer work
Welcome to Y2K+10, for employment & housing what yet may lurk?!
We greeted our new president, retirement plans gone bust
what to do about our homes and cars, but health care reform is must
Roy Williams and his Tar Heels soothed some of Carolina’s sadness
with his second victory in the much revered annual March madness
Tiger has long showed the marvel of his focus to achieve
now we’re again wondering who were supposed to believe
On Sevier Street in Durham, we’re up to the same tricks
both working from home with cocktails at 6
Alex in year 2 at UC Boulder while serving the Navy
Owen near 6 feet in grade 8 seems only to say ‘pass the gravy’
Tessa’s studio blossomed avoiding the misery of the subprime dark
designing for All About Beer and the Research Triangle Park
Trips to New York including the chance to see Roger, Venus & Serena
favorite moments are the NOLA memories with David and the dinners of Christina
Certainly the news from friends is not always bright
illness, divorce and sudden passing darkened too many a night
As the last hours of this first decade depart in bright lights all donned
let’s celebrate the occasion with some of the friends of whom I am fond
Lts. Chris and Noah at Duke NROTC perform their duty
Anna and Suzanne match this braun with brains & beauty
Jim and Heidi of new MBA and new PhD fame
are about to explore the lifestyle of the Cupertino Apple game
Before joining Granite, Phill coached Duke into the lax final 4
then sent to Japan to show the country boss the exit door
In touch with the Billings 4 and Hoffmann 5 on their Michigan turfs
while wondering if I’ll get to San Diego to see if Steve Gilmore truly surfs
In late October Jack joined the population as a healthy boy
Brian & Jen, Nigel & Patrick look to January for their bundles of joy
Sabine, Anton, Bora and Delene
boosted scienceinthetriangle onto the blogging scene
Ben, Bill and Seth applied their skills with barely a moan
producing workshops, WordPress and even apps for the iPhone
Tennis with Kris, Wendy & Tom always a great feeling
dining out with Artem & Troppe, our upstairs toilet leaked thru the living room ceiling
Long time shipmates Schreiber, Whit, Petersen and David Mclellan
Gary retiring to Florida for his slice of Smarter Planet heaven
Tweeting aunts Neddie, Linda, Sandra, Brenda of Mt. Airty hometown
Incredibly cousin Chase met Hermione in their first year at Brown
Sayonara, Adios, Bon Chance I’ll do better in twenty ten
whatever the awaiting adventure let’s remain each other’s friend

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