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ACC Lacrosse Championship. Duke defeats UNC 15-13

Monday, April 27th, 2009

Alexander and I sat for breakfast in Sydney, Australia in March of 2006. Handed the International Herald Tribune, we were stunned to see the headline referring to a police report from Durham, North Carolina involving Duke lacrosse players. Poor judgment compounded by careless oversight (with plenty of warning; just ask Charlotte Simmons) exaggerated by suppressed hostility between members of the faculty for segments of the student body. Add political opportunism and the guilt of racial suspicion which evolved to an outcome where justice was not served; jobs were lost; reputations ruined, both individually and collectively; with the essential elements of this social disaster retreating to their corners neither corrected nor redeemed. Life does go on and, ultimately, one is responsible to and for oneself.

We enjoyed a gorgeous spring weekend in the RTP; perfect weather to mingle with parents, students and fans of the game. TV dictated that the tournament be played in the UNC football stadium. Fans would have preferred the customary lacrosse field. Duke defeated the #1 ranked Virginia team for the second time in two weeks (the game was over at half-time even though UVA scored within the first 11 seconds and Duke scored 9 seconds later!). Earlier in the evening, UNC defeated Maryland for their first ACC tournament win in many years. On Sunday afternoon, Duke looked to be the better team for the majority of the game and just could not separate from Carolina until time expired.


Our friend volunteered to help coach Duke for this season as he enjoys a respite between his naval service and his civilian career. He was especially proud of a couple of fifth year seniors who opted to remain with the program in order to help it restore some of its much lost luster.

Maybe there is a lesson for us all here as we await the final resting point of our economy (ies) due to our financial hubris. We may chose to forget what got us here or we may forgive (bail-out) everybody in hopes that we’ll be forgiven (bailed-out) and the way back will certainly comprise a just measure of commitment, hard work and little victories which may result in the occasional championship along the way. Chastened but not defeated, humbled but not afraid is working for the men’s lacrosse team at Duke University and may be a helpful remedy for our recent financial failures.

Justifiable Bravado

Thursday, April 16th, 2009

Visited with my elder son over Easter weekend and lent a hand looking for off-campus housing. Even in the lovely, politically progressive town of Boulder, the reaction to two NROTC students innocently looking for a place to live was generous and inspiring. Nearly every building manager and potential landlord expressed their strong interest in having NROTC students as tenants. The Internet and its social media buzz are all about on-line reputation, too often evaluated by the number hits or size of following herd. Real reputation is rooted in what one is known for; with whom one associates; and what one can be counted on to deliver. SEAL Sniper This shot is a bit direct and a take-off of, one of my favorite web sites. Thanks to TARP etc., they now have sufficient material for a complete overhaul of nearly every product. To think, at one moment recently, we thought that V.P. Dick Cheny was one of a kind. Ah, for the good old days. At any rate, I comforted that there are those who know what they are doing and able to stand-up to the very worst kind of bullying. There is nothing charming about having your work day interrupted by an intruder with an automatic weapon. Go Navy!

Blogging vs Twittering; Thoughts vs Obseravations

Saturday, April 4th, 2009

The challenge to me is if I tweet on average of 2 to 4 times per day, that is a 500 word blog post that doesn’t get posted. Tweets are observations; posts require more thought from me. I am amazed about what I am learning about science journalism just by following 3 or 4 science journalists on Twitter. I would not read their blogs so regularly.

Twice on WXDU this weekend with playlist today and a jazz show tomorrow. Music for tomorrow provided by a long time and good friend who is now a colleague at work. Feel prepared for once. Will post the playlist upon completion.

Otherwise, Final Four this evening and bbq tomorrow afternoon. All amidst a predicted lovely Spring weekend. Will try to hold the barbarians of economy’s uncertainity at bay for a couple of days.